CDNS - Applying for a new gTLD

With our extensive support of TLDs/ccTLDs and long-time experience in:

CommunityDNS is ready to assist with your new gTLD's success.


CommunityDNS supports all three flavors of DNSSEC (NSEC, NSEC3 and NSEC3 with OptOut). In 2004, 2005 and 2007 CommunityDNS participated in DNSSEC testbed initiatives with TLDs. CommunityDNS has always supported NSEC as the platform was developed to incorporate NSEC. When NSEC3 was ratified in March 2008 CommunityDNS was NSEC3 compliant shortly thereafter. Understanding the value NSEC3 with OptOut has for TLDs, CommunityDNS became compliant with NSEC3 with OptOut also in March 2008.

CommunityDNS is experienced in signing zones for domain names and TLDs/ccTLDs. CommunityDNS also easily out performs BIND and NSD platforms in handling unsigned and signed zones from small to very large.

Standard RFC Status When
NSEC 4033
Fully Compliant Incorporated in platform's initial design
NSEC3 5155 Fully Compliant March 2008
NSEC3 with OptOUt 5155 Fully Compliant March 2008

More information: Please see our page on DNSSEC



CommunityDNS’ platform was initially designed to support IPv6 addressing so is thus native IPv4 and IPv6 compliant.

More information: CommunityDNS — Leaders in native IPv6 deployment



CommunityDNS has already been supporting second-level IDN support for registries for several years prior to IDNs being allowed into the Root.

More information: CommunityDNS and the value of Internationalized Domain Names

CommunityDNS is fully compliant with all RFCs necessary to meet the requirements for your new gTLD application needs.

RFC Status
1034 Compliant
1035 Compliant
1982 Compliant
2181 Compliant
2182 Compliant
2671 Compliant
3226 Compliant
3596 Compliant
RFC Status
3597 Compliant
3901 Compliant
4033 Compliant
4034 Compliant
4035 Compliant
4343 Compliant
4472 Compliant
5155 Compliant


Technical and Operational Capacity

Having provided global DNS anycast operations since 1996 with 100% uptime, CommunityDNS provides DNS support for over 142,000,000 names with a global network consisting of 41 points of presence across 5 continents.

CommunityDNS' platform can successfully support 500,000,000 domain names, and has easily handled traffic spikes as large as processing 1.6 million queries per second. CommunityDNS also absorbs additional queries where other DNS platforms strain or fail from high traffic loads.

Using full clustering technology, CommunityDNS maximizes resilience multiple processes and functions spanning multiple continents for complete redundancy.



To believe in true resilience means incorporating security throughout your entire network as well as practices. CommunityDNS' platform was designed and built to exceed hardened military specifications. If you wish to learn more about the lengths to which CommunityDNS applies security, please contact us. We will be happy to talk with you.


Comprehensive Monitoring and Support

As noted from our customers, CommunityDNS' monitoring platform is exceedingly accurate and is a valuable tool when compared to other monitoring tools.

With offices in the US, UK and Japan, providing 24 x 7 x 365 support is easy.

With a record of 100% uptime since 1996, CommunityDNS' SLA of 99.999% uptime is easy to attain.