CommunityDNS: Leaders in DNS Capacity

The importance of "Capacity" and "Speed" = "Resilience"

"Capacity" appears to be the hidden word within DNS discussions. Hundreds of DDoS attacks occur daily making DNS vulnerable and why some DNS server platforms are not able to withstand, or fail when hit with high volumes of traffic. The following illustrates why speed and capacity are important in mitigating high traffic spikes and thus maintaining an always-on, or 100% resilient DNS for all legitimate DNS lookups or queries.

CommunityDNS: Proven leader in DNS Capacity

It is this level of leadership and of thoroughly understanding the importance of security that CommunityDNS strives for excellence in DNS resilience. As leaders in security and capacity as well as the early adoption of IPv6, DNSSEC and IDNs, CommunityDNS' dynamic DNS services remains fully capable of resolving ALL of the world's queries using the network engineered for security, optimized for speed and designed for resilience.

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