CommunityDNS: Leaders in Security

CDNS - Leaders in Security

The heart of the Internet demands strict levels of security.

What is DNS? The Domain Name System, or "the DNS" is at the heart of the Internet. The DNS is what translates human readable Internet addresses into the (Internet Protocol) IP address numbers computers understand. Maintaining a resilient Internet is important.

Businesses, countries and online economies require strict security from the malicious community.

When ever an individual Internet user, a business, a country or an online e-commerce relies on the Internet, it relies on the DNS. The malicious community has shown their willingness to disrupt DNS for financial gain. Such attempts are well documented. The malicious, or hacker community have become more organised and are well funded. To help fuel their need for money they trick, or hijack unsuspecting users into reaching their sites, whether for selling bogus products for a profit or obtaining sensitive, personally identifiable information. This has always been a serious matter. Studies have shown that because of such actions by the malicious community there is a percentage of the Internet user base that is reluctant to purchase items through the Internet; thus limiting the potential for a country's or region's online economy. The other reason is organisations post their respective zone data through DNS. It is imperative that such data remain secure and tamper-proof. So yes, security is VERY important to us.

Why "Capacity" is necessary, yet the unspoken word in DNS.

The reason CommunityDNS applies so much effort towards speed with each of its DNS servers, aside from it being good practice to develop efficient code, "speed" is the unspoken element in a resilient DNS. If the malicious community can send data faster than a DNS platform can handle, legitimate queries are kept from being answered, thus an outage occurs. If a DNS platform has the speed to handle high volumes of traffic legitimate queries can still be handled without appearing to "fall over". There have been well documented instances where DNS platforms fail at traffic levels far lower than what CommunityDNS handles on an average, non-busy day. With that said, speed is the unspoken dimension on DNS as it relates to resilience. The greater the speed, the greater the capacity a network has for ensuring resilience. So yes, speed is VERY important to us.

Why CommunityDNS chose to develop a proprietary platform instead of open source-based.

Many important applications have been developed through the collective group-think found through the open source community. However, when first looking to provide DNS services we looked at BIND. In our minds, while BIND was the most used DNS platform, it did not meet our criteria for security and capacity. Without appropriate security and capacity you don't have the resilience necessary to support the demands people, businesses, countries and online economies require from the Internet. Because of the deficiencies associated with BIND we knew that if we were going to build a truly resilient DNS platform we had to develop the platform, or DNS server, ourselves. When NSD came out we felt it, like BIND, did not meet the requirements we had in providing for a resilient DNS.

Secure, operational excellence since 1996

CommunityDNS has been providing DNS services since 1996. Our commitment to security is resolute and unwaivering. Guarding against the malicious community is an ongoing battle every organisation faces in keeping their sensitive information secure.

Why is security important to us?

  • This is your Internet.
  • This is your business.
  • This is your country's on-line perception.
  • This is your online economy.
  • This is important!

CommunityDNS' security model

To appreciate the levels of security CommunityDNS brings to its platform, the following document provides a good discussion as to CommunityDNS' security model.

Learn more: CommunityDNS' Security Model

CommunityDNS: Proven leader in Security

It is this level of leadership and of thoroughly understanding the importance of security that CommunityDNS strives for excellence in DNS resilience. As leaders in security and capacity as well as the early adoption of IPv6, DNSSEC and IDNs, CommunityDNS' dynamic DNS services remains fully capable of resolving ALL of the world's queries using the network engineered for security, optimized for speed and designed for resilience.

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