About Community DNS

The longtime leader in providing unprecedented levels of security and capacity. From day one CommunityDNS has always ensured resilience through incorporating exceedingly-high levels of security and efficiency into its platform design. Recognizing the importance of DNSSEC, IPv6 and IDNs have allowed CommunityDNS to be leaders and early adopters, providing operational experience for such important Internet initiatives.

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CDNS has a proven record for software and technology systems innovations since 1994 and has been providing DNS Resolution Services since 1996, since which time we have managed to maintain a 100% uptime for our customers.

We serve a lot of Domains

We currently provide DNS service to some of the world's top ccTLDs and registries including .EU, .PL and .BE and continue to expand our customer base and global market presence. With a constantly expanding Anycast network running some of the fastest, safest and most capable DNS technology in the world it is no wonder that CDNS has quickly become an established, trusted and respected provider in the fast-paced and competitive DNS sector. Hear for yourself from some of our satisfied customers and find out how CDNS can help you provide a better DNS service to your customers.


The Community DNS Anycast platform has been tested to a capacity of 500 million names, answering in excess of 100,000 queries per second (6 million queries per minute, 8.6 billion queries per day) on each server in its Anycast constellation, giving it ample capacity to thwart even the most sophisticated DDOS attacks of today.

The Community DNS Anycast platform has the capacity under existing configurations to accommodate the dramatic growth of any DNS Operator in the world.

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Capacity & Performance

CDNS and CommunityDNS are able to handle extremely large zone files (well in excess of 4-5 times the total number of ALL domain names that exist today), and remain operational with very slight degredation in performance response time and throughput.


As seen in the introductory video above. Paul Kane, the president of CDNS, was selected as one of the seven key holders of the signed Internet DNS Root Zone file, at the heart of the Internet DNS Infrastructure.

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