DNS Accelerator

For ISPs and hosting providers, CommunityDNS’ DNS Accelerator provides up to 5x resolution speed resulting in lower bandwidth costs, far faster resolution speeds, improved e-mail processing and greater security for your customers.


DNS Accellerator is an amazing way to increase the efficiency of internet connectivity, by bringing faster resolution to clients. Let the web pages, emails, and other actual data do the long distance travelling, while our high speed accellerators make DNS happen locally.

Rural communities, cultures, or other consumers of Internet that have yet to enjoy the benefits of broadband can enjoy faster internet responses by having DNS Accellerator provide local responses.

High performance web sites or email services that require frequent DNS queries can enjoy enhanced throughput using DNS Accellerator as a local lookup.

Increased Infrastructure Reslience

Using our DNS Accellerator can also help to mitigate customer impacts that result from upstream denial of service attacks.