Enterprise / Business

In the enterprise and business world, getting the “job done” is important.

Critical to business and enterprise operations, a secure and resilient Internet is key to an organization’s financial stability and an ever growing online economy.

A 2010 Forrester Research study projected by 2014 the US online economy would be estimated at $249 billion US dollars (over €190 billion euros) while in the EU online economy would be reaching €114 billion euros (over $149 billion USD).

While online economies are important to the UK and the US, online economies and a country’s online presence is equally important for economic development and attracting business development.

Job Done!

  • Business matters
  • Online economies matter
  • Security matters
  • Capacity matters
  • Resilience matters

What about DNS is important to enterprise and businesses?
  • Security to ensure DNS nodes are not impacted by hackers or attacks from the malicious community.
  • Capacity to ensure DNS nodes are not brought down by excessive traffic.
  • Resilience to ensure your DNS infrastructure is always operating at maximum efficiency.

CommunityDNS gets the “job done” for our enterprise and business customers through:

Security - providing a network which meets, if not exceeds military specifications with regards to security; providing higher levels of security than what are found with BIND- or NSD-based platforms. Job done!

Capacity - providing a network tested and operationally out performs any other DNS provider as far as amount of the Internet supported. Tested to easily support over 500,000,000 domain names, CommunityDNS currently supports roughly 68% of today's Internet. Job done!

Resilience - providing global anycast network services with six anycast networks spanning five continents. Job done!

SLA - Because of CommunityDNS' strength in building a complete global DNS infrastructure based upon security, capacity and resilience, CommunityDNS has been operating at 100% since 1996, thus making our 99.999% Service Level Agreement easy to attain. Job done!

IPv6/IPv4 - CommunityDNS' platforms were initially built to support IPv4 and IPv6 addressing natively. Job done!

DNSSEC - Initially designed to support NSEC, CommunityDNS supported NSEC3 and NSEC3 with OptOut well in advance of DNSSEC being deployed to the root. Only through thorough understanding of DNSSEC, establishing test beds in 2004, 2005 and 2007, was CommunityDNS able to easily adopt and support DNSSEC signed zones well in advance of any DNSSEC rollout. Job done!

DNSSEC Signing Tool - Understanding the need to quickly respond to a possibly compromised DNSSEC key, CommunityDNS provides users with our intuitive DNSSEC signing tool (www.Security-DNS.net) so enterprises can easily and quickly accomplish their DNSSEC signing needs. Job done!

IDNs - For organizations expanding market share by reaching out to more localized audiences through the use of IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names), CommunityDNS has supported IDN technology since it was first approved. Prior to IDNs being added to the Root, CommunityDNS had already secured two years of experience in providing IDN services at the second domain level. Job done!

GSLB - Global Service Load Balancing through CommunityDSN' CDNS-Geo offering gives you the control to guide your users to you systems based upon a user's geographic presence. Job done!

Monitoring - Provides, as noted by our customers, the most accurate monitoring tool in the business. CommunityDNS' monitoring tools allows you to view your traffic stats as they are occurring around the globe. Job done!

Platform Diversity - Using CommunityDNS to supplement your environment's existing DNS infrastructure you are mitigating risks by bringing in platform diversity on multiple dimensions. First you will be using a platform that is different from your existing DNS infrastructure. Secondly, you are most likely using a platform based upon open source. With CommunityDNS' closed-source platform you will be enhancing your platform diversity with both open and closed source platforms. Internally CommunityDNS utilizes multiple hardware platform further enhancing resilience and mitigating your risk. Job done!

Support for Enterprise and Business is important. Providing the environment necessary to ensure security, capacity and resilience while delivering the tools necessary for your business to obtain maximum potential has always been our goal.

Job done!