CommunityDNS Fast Facts

While we believe we are simply doing our job in delivering a high performance and robust global DNS service, many have been surprised and impressed to learn of CommunityDNS' capabilities. Due to the positive feedback we thought we would take a moment to list basic facts about CommunityDNS and achievements to date.

Brief History

With offices in the UK, Japan and the US, CommunityDNS is part of a much larger group that has been working in the computer networking industry since the early 80's and the Domain name industry since the mid 90's. In the domain name world we started off managing ccTLD registries with the group first providing DNS services in 1996, expanding to our own internal Anycast service in 2001. Other TLD Registries asked if they could utilize our Anycast network and to make this possible Community DNS Ltd was formed as a separate legal organization in 2007 to provide DNS Anycast services to the global Internet community.


The technology found in CommunityDNS' network was originally designed with high levels of security in mind, working to military grade specifications. As such the operating system and database have been customized and optimized for both security and speed. When delivering DNS resolution services to provide for a resilient Internet, especially when protecting it's customers from the malicious community, both security and speed of response matter!

  • CommunityDNS is over 8 to 10 times faster than traditional DNS platforms.
  • CommunityDNS' database is 11.447 times faster on reads and 3.895 times faster on writes than Oracle's (fastest) Berkeley database at 11 million transactions per second. Please see the Report.
  • Designed to supplement (not replace) existing DNS services CommunityDNS is available either as robust Slave DNS server or as Master DNS server; loading the Secondary/Slave DNS servers at 26,000 names per second.
  • Fast disaster recovery of 1 million+ names per minute database reload.
  • 3 second update time to our Anycast global constellation wherever located.
Basic facts

The network today supports 120 million domain names from 94 TLD zones, answering up to 18 billion queries per day with a current capacity of supporting 585 billion queries per day.


IPv4, IPv6 and DNSSEC including NSEC3.


CommunityDNS supports AXFR and IXFR (with or without TSIG) and FTP over VPN.


Knowledge is the key to success; (see Partner Tools), so we provide customers with a whole range of data:

  • Real-time DNS Control Panel
  • Activity Statistics
  • Detailed Logs
  • BGP Monitoring tools
  • Global query tools
  • Zone checking tool
  • Monitoring customer's name servers from multiple locations
Managed Service

CommunityDNS provides customers with complete piece of mind when delivering Resolution services. Our NOC is accessible 24x7, our SLA gives 100% uptime (has been 100% since 1996), customisable reverse IP lookup and offers significant cost benefits obtained from economies of scale and community participation.


CommuityDNS provides white-label service whereby organizations may provide CommunityDNS services under their organization's name and logo.

Licensed Software

CommunityDNS' software can be licensed to be run and operated by organizations who may not wish to have a managed service, but manage their own DNS network running CommunityDNS' fast and highly-secure software.

Service Level Agreement

99.999% SLA support.

What Makes CommunityDNS Unique
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Resiliency
  • Monitoring
  • Diversity of Operating System, application and network management
  • A thorough, highly distributed, global footprint running on standard hardware from multiple suppliers
  • Real time information and statistics helping you manage your network

Supplementing existing infrastructure with diversity is the best way to increase robustness. Bringing authoritative DNS servers to the edge of the network, thus geographically limiting attack possibilities from the criminal community, promotes resiliency, mitigates attacks and provides support for both the emerging and developed Internet markets.


Please contact us if you have any questions!