Giving you control, CDNS-Geo (CommunityDNS' Global Services Load Balancing [GSLB] solution) provides you with the tools necessary to enhance your customers' online experience while effectively managing your global IT infrastructure needs.

With geo-based routing, CDNS-Geo allows you to design how traffic is balanced across your IT infrastructure as well as deliver a more localized experience for your internationally diverse user-base.

You will enjoy using CDNS-Geo if flexibility and ease are what you are looking for in your geo-based load balancing needs, while at the same time utilizing the network engineered for security, optimized for speed and designed for resilience. Further information about CDNS-Geo may be obtained through our paper titled, "CDNS-Geo: Global Server Load Balancing with CommunityDNS".

It's all about GeoGraphical Diversity

For a very large, high traffic web site, it is common for the site to be run on multiple machines at multiple geographic locations. When managing such a geographically diverse server configuration, an organisation will want to do is balance the load on those servers with sensitivity to the physical location of the visitor to the site.

This is Global Server Load Balancing.

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