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With a deep and rich background in providing high quality, high speed, secure DNS, CDNS and CommunityDNS have solutions that can work for your needs.

Enterprise / Business

In the enterprise & business world, getting the "job done" is key to success. With CommunityDNS enterprise & business customers receive:

  • Security - "Job done!"
  • Capacity - "Job done!"
  • Resilience - "Job done!"
  • 99.999% SLA - "Job done!"
  • IPv6/IPv4 - "Job done!"
  • DNSSEC - "Job done!"
  • IDNs - "Job done!"
  • Global Service Load Balancing - "Job done!"
  • Monitoring - "Job done!"
  • Platform Diversity - "Job done!"

Choosing CommunityDNS - Smart move and "Job done!"

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Giving you control, CDNS-Geo (CommunityDNS' Global Services Load Balancing [GSLB] solution) provides you with the tools necessary to enhance your customers' online experience while effectively managing your global IT infrastructure needs.

With geo-based routing, CDNS-Geo allows you to design how traffic is balanced across your IT infrastructure as well as deliver a more localized experience for your internationally diverse user-base.

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Complete Zone signing and support for all of your DNSSEC signing needs. Supporting NSEC, NSEC3 and NSEC3 with OptOut CommunityDNS provides an intuitive, zone signing-made-easy tool allowing you control over signing your zone.

Experienced in DNSSEC, with DNSSEC test beds established in 2004, 2005 and 2007, CommunityDNS soars above the rest in handling unsigned and signed zones, from small, medium to very large sized zones.

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CDNS Anycast

The three foundational elements to CommunityDNS is Security, Speed/Capacity and Resilience. One of the keys to CommunityDNS’ success is through the use of Anycast technology.

While Anycast is the preferred technology for the DNS, it is what CommunityDNS does with the rest of its platform design that truly sets CommunityDNS apart from the others.

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Supporting IDN technology since 2003 and processing IDN-based queries at the second level since 2008, CommunityDNS is experienced and recognizes the value of providing support for more localized audiences.

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Well established in supporting IPv6, CommunityDNS’ platforms are considered native IPv6 and IPv4 as they were designed to support both IPv4 and IPv6 from the platform’s initial design.

CommunityDNS has been ready from the start to support your IPv6 needs.

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New gTLDs

We are ready. Are you?

If you are looking for a DNS provider who meets and exceeds all of the elements necessary for successfully supporting your new gTLD, we’ve got you covered.

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With most of the worlds ccTLDs supported on our network, CommunityDNS understands the need for ccTLDs to have a DNS solution that is experienced in the ccTLD market and understands the importance a stable DNS can have on a country’s online presence.

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DNS Accelerator

For ISPs and hosting providers, CommunityDNS’ DNS Accelerator provides up to 5x resolution speed resulting in lower bandwidth costs, far faster resolution speeds, improved e-mail processing and greater security for your customers.

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